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Ever wonder about the stories behind those rotating images at the top of the site?

July, 2005: While attending a friend's wedding in Williamsburg, Stephanie managed to 'acquire' her very own champagne bottle during the reception. One can imagine the kind of antics that followed soon after.

April, 2005: We took a trip to Orlando and stopped off at a petting zoo on our way to Universal Studios. Not counting parents, we were the oldest visitors that day. We took this shot as we approached the goats (who knew they would soon be fed). Also included in this roll of film were some great shots of Steph holding pigs, geese, and chickens.

June, 2005: This is a shot of Seneca Lake in upstate New York. We took a trip up there to visit friends and relatives, and spent some time touring the wineries around the finger lake region.

July, 2003: Honeymoon in Maui! This is an underwater photo of Stephanie (well, the top of her head at least) as she took an underwater photo of me while snorkeling.

February, 2006: A record snowstorm hit the DC area this month, and this was a shot of the trees just beyond our back deck.

April, 2006: On a return visit to our alma mater, William & Mary, we snapped this photo of the top of one of the campus landmarks, the Wren Building.

July, 2006: Summer vacation in Nags Head, North Carolina! This was a dune immediately outside of our hotel room.

September, 2006: The pandas were out the day we visited the National Zoo in DC! The baby panda was scooting around his play area when Scott took this photo.

December, 2006: Ah, December in Miami. We partied it up here for Drew's 30th birthday weekend, and took this photo of the famed 'Versace death house' in South Beach.

January, 2007: Stephanie has always dreamed of owning a Mini Cooper. We got this shot during our visit to the annual DC Auto Show.

July, 2003: Honeymoon in Maui! A shot of one of the island's tourist spots, Oheo Gulch.

July, 2003: Honeymoon in Maui! Neither of us golf, but this is one of the more popular courses in Kaanapali. Paradise.

January, 2007: It's a bad habit. Okay, it's an obsession. Scott plays World of Warcraft, and this is a portion of a screen capture during a heated battle with some orcs or something.

May, 2007: We took our nephew Liam to the annual air show at Andrews Air Force Base, and the Thunderbirds were the main event!

July, 2007: This year's summer vacation was at a beach house with Scott's family in Corolla, North Carolina. This is a shot (looking up) of the inside of the Currituck Beach Lighthouse. Climbing it was a chore, but we had a great time.

October, 2007: We're frequent visitors to the National Zoo, and these otters were swimming around the day we stopped by.

February, 2004: That's me driving that stock car! Check out the 'Scotty Was a Racecar Driver' feature story.

May, 2003: Wedding bells a-ringing'.

Our trip to New Orleans!

July, 2007: Bingo night at the local VFD. Stephanie is a gambling, gaming fool.

March, 2008: This is looking up inside a walk-through tank at the Georgia Aquarium.

March, 2008: Bottles arriving fresh off the assembly line at the World of Coke in Atlanta, Georgia.

Little Scott enjoys a swing! One of Stephanie's favorite photos.

May, 2008: An afternoon at a Washington Nationals game in the new stadium.